Dried Products
- Wide varieties of Pakistani & Indian items such
  as Lentils, Pickles, Rice, Spices, Snacks,  
  cookies, Tea and herbal tea, whole spices,
  Jaggery balls, Sona Papdi, Almonds,
  various varieties of custards, Pani puri, Chat
  papdi, Eno, Lemon juice and powder, Coconut
  powder, Maggi Vegetable Noodles,  Shan
  Curry mixes, Garam Masala Powder and
  Falooda mixes.

- Wide varieties of Middle Eastern items such as
  Hummous, Babaganooj, Green Olives,
  Rose water, Turkish Cheese, Chick Peas,
  Orange Blossom water, Grape leaves, Falafel

- Wide varities of Asian items such as Noodles,
  Jasmine Rice, Sweet rice, Korean Noodles,
  Roasted Seaweed, Forturne Cookies, Spring
  Roll Sheets, Rice papers, Spring Roll Rapper,
  Aroy D Red Curry, Chocky and Pocky sticks,
  Sriracha Hot Chilli, Sweet & Sour Sauce, Hoisin
  Sauce, Japanese Wasabi Paste, Oriental Style
  Mama Instant Noodles, Sesame Roasted Seed,
  Peprico Red Pepper sauce, chow mein hot chilli
  noodles, Oriental Special five spices, Bread
  crumb, Party Mix, Marock sardines,  Butter fly
  Lychee, Squid & Viet Huong fish sauce.